Know the walks... over 30 of them!

The following walks are best seen on North Tweeddale Paths website, yet to give a brief sense of what they involve, names may act as quick pointers.

Easy walks

less than an hour

Habbie's Howe
Newlands Hill Forts
Lynedale Historic
West Linton Historic
Kitleyknowe & Rutherford
Harbour Craig
Penicuik House
Jenny Barry's Cave
Rough Burn Track

Moderate walks

up to three hours

North Esk reservoir
Flemington & Drove Road
Ninemileburn to West Kip
Prehistoric from Dolphinton
Historic to Dolphinton
Mendick Hill
Patie's Hill
Lyne Water & Broomlee




Strenuous walks

for half a day, if not all day

Covenanter's Grave
Mount Maw
West Water & Medwynhead
West Linton & Old Drove Road from Peebles
Cauldstane & Borestane
West Cairn Hill & Cauldstane Slap
Mount Maw & East Cairn Hill
Kitchen Moss
West Cairn Hill & Byrehope