Know the walks... over 30 of them!


Quickly see all local West Linton walks in one zoomable map.

Or discover all  30 of them on North Tweeddale Paths (a few names of these walks are below).

Easy walks

less than an hour

Habbie's Howe
Newlands Hill Forts
Lynedale Historic
West Linton Historic
Kitleyknowe & Rutherford
Harbour Craig
Penicuik House
Jenny Barry's Cave
Rough Burn Track

Moderate walks

up to three hours

North Esk reservoir
Flemington & Drove Road
Ninemileburn to West Kip
Prehistoric from Dolphinton
Historic to Dolphinton
Mendick Hill
Patie's Hill
Lyne Water & Broomlee




Strenuous walks

for half a day, if not all day

Covenanter's Grave
Mount Maw
West Water & Medwynhead
West Linton & Old Drove Road from Peebles
Cauldstane & Borestane
West Cairn Hill & Cauldstane Slap
Mount Maw & East Cairn Hill
Kitchen Moss
West Cairn Hill & Byrehope