Lyne Up

Welcome to LyneUp, the recently re-named West Linton Amateur Dramatic Society. The club was established in 1958 when it was launched by Charles Blacklaw, headmaster, and with the dramatic skills and experience of Charlie Watson as producer. We are gradually building up an archive and would like to hear from anybody who has material, whether it’s an old programme, a photo, or even memories of some of the early productions.

The club currently aims to stage up to three productions each year, which we try to vary as much as possible – it could be anything from a full three act comedy or tragedy, to a selection of sketches, to three one-act plays. We’ve staged everything from Blythe Spirit to the Vagina Monologues and are always looking for suggestions as to what you would like. We welcome several new members each year, and we’re pleased that we have a membership ranging from teenagers to … um … older people. There’s always a need for the people that you don’t see – the sound and lighting technicians, backstage, costumes, prompts, etc, – so please get in touch if you’d like to join this vibrant club.

Committee members

Lucy Haden (President) 660348
Boyd Wild (Secretary): 660534
Carrie Cleland (Treasurer): 661398
Deb Armstrong: 661474
Jacqui Halliwell: 660783
Glenda Meek: 660219/660084
Kitti Krabbendam: 661024
Morgan Franklin

Lucy Haden
01968 660348