Whipman is one of the older Border Festivals, having originated from the annual agricultural holiday and fayre in 1803, when “the men of Linton for the bettering of themselves and their children, formed a Benevolent Society, they being known as ‘The Whipmen of Linton
Commencing in the first week in June, it is today a nine day festival which begins by celebrating a local couple in the form of the Whipman (meaning carter) and his Lass.
The current Whipman is Bobby Dow and the Whipman’s Lass is Sophie Elliot.
Centred around the historic installation ceremony, the event includes a fairground, dancing, sporting events, outdoor competitions – including the famous Bogie Race through the River Lyne, a bonfire, barbecue… in fact, something for everyone.
The Whipman Play originated in the early nineteenth century in connection with the local horseman’s society.
It was revived in 1931. It is a well-known local fact that if you want to find out who is going to be elected Whipman, look out for a couple who have never ridden before suddenly taking an all-consuming interest in equestrianism. It is also a well-known local fact that the sun doesn’t always shine during Whipman Week – and 2008 got off to a good start until the time of the installation ceremony, when the heavens opened.

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